Armco Barrier Supplies

Where to use Armco Barriers

You might think that Armco barriers or crash barriers are only suitable for use on motorways or near roads. However, these barriers actually provide a fantastic level of security and safety that you will need in a range of different environments. They can be used to protect property, pedestrians and drivers, ensuring that a business is safe for everyone. Let’s explore some of the different places you can use the barriers and why they would be beneficial for your company.

Car Parks

If your business has a car park, it would be beneficial to purchase Armco barriers and provide an additional level of safety and security. In a car park there will always be pedestrians walking around to and from their cars while vehicles drive in and out. It’s important that this process is safe and that pedestrians do not walk into the path of oncoming vehicles. Similarly, it is important that drivers do not hit pedestrians.

With Armco barriers, clear and designated pathways can be set up. This will ensure that vehicles are able to leave and enter safely while pedestrians can walk on the other side of the barrier. It also provides a clear message to pedestrians where they should and shouldn’t be walking. This will keep them on the designated path.

Vehicle Protection

You might be running a business where vehicles are stored or kept outdoors. If that’s the case, then Armco barriers can once again ensure that these vehicles are not damaged from a potential car colliding when coming off the road. They can also guarantee that these vehicles are safe from theft. If your vehicles are left in an open space with no fencing, it may be seen as an opportunity for criminals. Large Armco barriers can act as a deterrent against this.

Building Protection

If your business property is close to a main or busy road, you might be worried about what happens if a car crashes into the side of your property. If this happens, it’s possible that customers, clients and employees could all be at risk while your building could sustain a serious level of damage. Well with Armco barriers, this issue can be avoided completely. Instead, you can make sure that the barrier takes the impact of the crash completely and your building is safe from harm.

Internal And External Loading Bays

Internal and external loading bays have both pedestrians and heavy-duty vehicles constantly moving around in close vicinity to one another. Processes here are often fast-paced and it’s important that everyone remains protected. It’s also crucial that people do not fall off the edge of loading bays and Armco barriers can prevent issues here. Since they are also highly visible, these barriers are great for ensuring that drivers can reverse and navigate around the loading bays safely as well.


Finally, you may want to set up Armco barriers around hospital bays. These are often incredibly crowded with both pedestrians and emergency vehicles. Armco barriers can help ensure that walkways for pedestrians are clear while protecting them from a potential collision.

We hope this helps you understand that there are various business environments where Armco barriers could provide the right solution.