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Wheel Stops

Our expertly designed wheel stops are essential for ensuring the safety and organisation of outdoor parking areas and loading bays, protecting vehicles and property alike.

Made to the highest standards, our wheel stops offer durable solutions for both commercial and industrial settings.

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At Armco Barrier Supplies, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and customer service, suited to meet your specific requirements. Experience the difference our products and dedicated sales team can make to your parking safety needs.

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Parking Blocks: Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are essential parking blocks used to prevent vehicles from rolling beyond designated parking spaces. Commonly installed in car parks, they protect buildings, landscaping, and other vehicles from accidental damage. By maintaining orderly parking arrangements, wheel stops enhance both safety and aesthetics.

We offer a wide selection of wheel stops designed for various applications. Our products are manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring durability and reliability.

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Durable Wheel Stops for Your Parking Space

Our wheel stops provide a simple, cost-effective solution for various settings, including commercial parking bays. We also offer HGV wheel stops, catering to heavy goods vehicles and ensuring all your needs are met.

Key features of our HGV or truck wheel stops include:

  • Simple, cost-effective solution

  • Available in any required length and height

  • Galvanised and powder coated to any RAL colour

  • Smooth edges for added safety

  • Easy to install and highly robust

Choose Armco Barrier Supplies for reliable wheel stops and parking blocks that deliver both functionality and durability in your car park.

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Armco Barrier Supplies has firmly established itself as a trusted name in the UK’s crash barrier industry, with over 20 years of dedication to safety and quality. As one of the premier suppliers, we offer a huge range of meticulously crafted Armco crash barriers designed to the highest standards. Committed to delivering excellence, our products reflect our expertise, whilst our ‘coded’ welders, certified to BS 4872, ensure precision in every weld. Beyond manufacturing, our unparalleled customer service and rapid UK-wide delivery have reinforced our reputation as an honest, reliable, and paramount choice in crash barrier solutions.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about wheel stops.

The purpose of a wheel stop is to prevent vehicles from rolling beyond designated parking spaces, protecting buildings, landscaping, and other vehicles from accidental damage. They help maintain orderly parking arrangements, enhancing safety. At Armco Barrier Supplies, we offer a range of high-quality wheel stops designed to meet diverse needs, ensuring safety and organisation in any parking area.

Installing the wheel stops in parking bays is straightforward and can be done quickly. First, position the wheel stop in the desired location. Mark the placement of the bolt holes on the ground. Remove the wheel stop and drill holes at the marked points. Place the wheel stop back in position and secure it using appropriate fixings, such as bolts or anchors. We provide detailed installation instructions and high-quality fixings to ensure a secure and durable installation. Wheel stops can be temporarily or permanently installed depending on your preferences.

Wheel stops do not need to be painted, but painting them can enhance visibility and safety. We offer wheel stops that can be galvanised and polyester powder coated in any RAL colour, providing parking stops with a durable and eye-catching finish. This coating not only improves aesthetics but also protects against corrosion and wear. Choose a colour that contrasts with the parking surface for maximum visibility, ensuring drivers can easily see and avoid the wheel stops.

A wheel stop should generally be positioned at least 90cm (approximately 3 feet) from a wall. This distance allows enough space for vehicle overhang while preventing the vehicle from hitting the wall. Proper placement ensures optimal safety and protection for both vehicles and property. Our experts can guide you on the correct installation and positioning of our range of wheel stops to ensure maximum efficiency and safety in your parking area.