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Welcome to our Corner Protectors collection, where we help safeguard the corners in your premises.

At Armco Barrier Supplies, we only offer the best solutions to protect your environment. These products are designed to withstand substantial impact and ensure maximum visibility, effectively preventing damage and enhancing safety.

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With options for both bolt-down post and dig-in post installations, Armco Barrier Supplies cater to diverse needs, offering versatility and complete ease of use. All steel is galvanised to BS 1461, and posts can be powder-coated in any colour.

In most cases, 3.2m post centres are adequate. For areas requiring a high level of protection posts at 1.6m centres should be considered. Handrail extensions can be added to all these posts.

We promise peace of mind and safety for your industrial space whether it’s a warehouse, construction site, or a car park…

Explore our range to secure your premises with the right support for your barriers.

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High Visibility Corner Protection

An essential solution for corner protectors edge that require maximum safety and visibility, such as in busy warehouses and industrial facilities. Feature a high-visibility PPC RAL yellow finish, ensuring they are easily seen and reducing the risk of accidents. Stripe designs and any other colours can also be selected.

Made from powder-coated galvanised steel, they offer excellent impact resistance for corners. With greater security than rubber, wood or plastic options, they are ideal for high-traffic areas. Enhance your workplace safety with our high visibility corner protection, designed to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining a high standard of protection.

Ultra Heavy-Duty Corner Posts

Our Ultra Heavy-Duty Corner Posts are designed for the most demanding environments, providing unmatched durability and impact resistance. Typically fabricated to 760mm and 1100mm high, these edge protectors feature two upright posts on one baseplate, ensuring comprehensive coverage for vulnerable corners. They offer an effective solution where two RSJ posts are required to reinforce corners in high-traffic areas, providing protection against heavy machinery such as forklifts.

Available in galvanised steel and PPC RAL to any colour, they ensure long-lasting protection and visibility for every edge. Bespoke fabrications and profiles are also available, making them ideal for warehouses, loading bays, and industrial sites.

Whether for industrial or commercial environments, our corner protectors provide robust, reliable defence against accidental impacts.

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As the most reliable provider of Armco barriers in the UK, Armco Barrier Supplies boasts over two decades of experience in the crash barrier industry. Our journey began in the mid-1990s as a general steel fabrication company, gradually evolving into a specialised, highly efficient business due to increasing demand for Armco products in off-highway environments. Trust our wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you find and install the perfect corner protectors solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We’ve addressed a couple of frequently asked questions about corner protectors.

Corner guard or corner protectors are essential safety devices specifically designed as the perfect solution to shield the sharp edges and corners of structures from damage. In a warehouse environment, corner protectors play a crucial role in preventing impacts from forklifts and other heavy machinery, which can cause significant structural damage and pose safety risks. By absorbing and deflecting these impacts, this corner protectors edge maintains the integrity of wall corners, shelving units, furniture, and equipment, thereby reducing maintenance costs and enhancing workplace safety. Their high visibility also helps in guiding machinery operators, further minimizing the risk of accidents.

Absolutely. Imagine a busy warehouse or construction site without corner protectors: forklifts and heavy machinery frequently going through tight spaces would cause inevitable impacts on unprotected corners. This could lead to significant structural damage, increase maintenance costs, and create a variety of potential safety hazards. Corner protectors absorb and deflect these impacts, preserving the integrity of your infrastructure and ensuring a safer working environment. Investing in high-quality corner protectors from Armco Barrier Supplies not only protects your premises but also enhances operational efficiency and reduces long-term expenses. Don’t leave your corners vulnerable – choose reliable protection today.