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At Armco Barrier Supplies, we offer top-quality column protection solutions that prevent damage and protect pedestrians in warehouses and other off-highway environments.

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Our durable products ensure your columns remain safe and intact. We provide expert advice and designs that will meet your needs.

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Heavy Duty Armco Column Protection

Available in double-height and single-height options, Armco Barrier Column Protectors cater to various protection needs. Our system is cost-effective, using any off-cuts of Armco to reduce waste and expenses.

Key features:

  • Rounded corners on the posts for enhanced safety

  • Baseplates extend inwards, eliminating external trip hazards

  • Protects columns as small as 150mm x 150mm with a minimal footprint

Bespoke options are also available upon request.

Armco Barrier Supplies

With 20 years in the industry, our knowledge of column protection is second to none. We understand the frustration of delayed responses, which is why we commit to replying to all inquiries within four working hours. Plus, we guarantee to match or beat any like-for-like quote.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Armco column protection.

Armco works by absorbing and deflecting impact energy, protecting structures from collisions. Made from high-quality galvanised steel, our Armco barriers are designed to withstand significant force. When a vehicle or object strikes the barrier, the Armco flexes and absorbs the impact, reducing damage to both the vehicle and the structure. This makes it ideal for protecting columns, walls, and other critical infrastructure in environments like car parks and warehouses. Armco provides a durable, cost-effective solution for maintaining safety.

The purpose of Armco column protection is to shield structural columns from accidental damage caused by vehicles or equipment. By absorbing and deflecting impact energy, these robust barriers prevent costly repairs and maintain the integrity of your site and infrastructure. Repurposing Armco barriers is also important, as it reduces waste and lowers costs by using off-cuts. Ideal for car parks, warehouses, and industrial settings, Armco column protection enhances safety for both structures and people, ensuring columns remain intact and facilities are well-protected.

The height of an Armco column protector should be chosen based on the specific protection needs of your facility. Standard options include single-height and double-height protectors. Single-height protectors offer sufficient coverage for low-impact areas, while double-height protectors provide enhanced safety for higher-risk environments. Assess the potential impact levels and choose the appropriate height to ensure maximum protection for your columns. If in doubt about the right height, please call us for expert advice and assistance.