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Welcome to our dedicated hub on barriers, where we champion the importance of robust protection and guide you through the best range of barriers in the UK, tailored to ensure safety, visibility and adaptability across many different types of diverse environments.

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Armco Barrier Supplies has firmly established itself as a trusted name in the UK’s crash barrier industry, with over 20 years of dedication to safety and quality. As one of the premier suppliers, we offer a huge range of meticulously crafted Armco crash barriers designed to the highest standards. Committed to delivering excellence, our products reflect our expertise, whilst our ‘coded’ welders, certified to BS 4872, ensure precision in every weld. Beyond manufacturing, our unparalleled customer service and rapid UK-wide delivery have reinforced our reputation as an honest, reliable, and paramount choice in crash barrier solutions.

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Deploying UK-Standard Compliance in Barrier Manufacturing

At Armco Barrier Supplies, every barrier product we offer aligns with the stringent standards set by UK regulatory bodies. We don’t just manufacture barriers; we ensure they meet and often exceed the expectations for durability, performance, and safety, instilling confidence in all our stakeholders.

Exceptional Durability Meets Innovative Design

Beyond just functionality, our barriers blend cutting-edge design and exceptional durability. Manufactured with premium materials, lightweight design, and advanced techniques, they stand the test of time and complement modern infrastructures’ aesthetics. These are guaranteed to be more effective than some plastic barriers or chain barrier types, all constructed with good-quality metals and coated for maintenance..

An Uncomplicated Guide to Safety Barrier Set-Up

Integrating our safety and security barriers into your environment is engineered to be an uncomplicated journey. Our barriers are designed for seamless installation, ensuring they can be strategically deployed with minimal hassle. From providing a comprehensive installation guide to offering high levels of expert assistance, we ensure that setting up your security barrier is straightforward and hassle-free, paving the way towards a safer and more secure environment.

Embracing a Safe Environment with Robust Safety Barriers UK

At Armco Barrier Supplies, every barrier product we offer aligns with the stringent standards set by UK regulatory bodies. We don’t just manufacture barriers; we ensure they meet and often exceed the expectations for durability, performance, and safety, instilling confidence in all our stakeholders.

Comprehensive Range of Barriers

Across the UK, the diversity of our transport infrastructures and the dynamic nature of spaces require a versatile range of safety barriers. From offering a cost-effective solution in pedestrian management to mitigating vehicular impacts on expressways or even shielding sensitive zones for workers in industrial environments, the imperative of selecting apt barriers meticulously tailored to their applications is paramount.

Safety Barriers

Expertly crafted safety barriers guarantee a secure environment and ensure pedestrian access and vehicular flow are safely managed, including contexts of construction zones and urban areas. These barriers are pivotal in crafting clear, safe passageways, preventing unwarranted entry into potentially dangerous areas, and proficiently guiding vehicular and foot traffic. Thus, barriers such as traffic barriers, for example, uphold public safety and effectively manage orderly movement across various settings, underscoring a dedication to holistic, public, and occupational safety.

Crash Barrier

Crash or impact barriers are significant in contexts with a palpable risk of high-velocity impacts from vehicles or heavy machinery. Constructed with robust materials and engineering, these barriers are designed to absorb and dissipate kinetic energy, thereby minimising potential damage and averting potential disasters. Temporary barriers, for instance, can be deployed to restrict access or manage vehicle access during specific timeframes or events, ensuring safe and regulated mobility within the designated area.

Crash Barriers: A Bulwark for Pedestrian Safety

Transitioning into the realm of crash barriers, their quintessential role is underscored in environments with a tangible risk of high-speed impacts from vehicles or heavy machinery. Constructed with sturdy steel materials and meticulous engineering, crash barriers are developed to absorb and defuse kinetic energy, mitigating potential damages and averting catastrophic events.

For instance, temporary barriers can be strategically positioned to restrict or manage vehicular access during particular intervals or occurrences, ensuring safe and regulated mobility within a defined space. In this way, crash barriers can be used as crowd control barriers, ensuring public safety and nearby environments’ safety. They are also useful for public events or even queue management during lower traffic levels; these highly visible control barriers are like warning signs for many reasons.

Off-Highway Road Barriers: Safety Where Paths Converge

In contexts like ports, warehouses, and car parks where heavy, slow-moving traffic is a norm, off-highway road barriers become pivotal, ensuring a synergy of safety and smooth traffic management. Though they are not bound by the stringent standards applicable to their highway counterparts, these road barriers nevertheless are crucial in protecting infrastructure and pedestrians, particularly where vehicle trajectories may be erratic or intersect with pedestrian routes. Thus, they facilitate an unimpeded vehicular flow whilst concurrently mitigating potential hazards, ensuring that vehicle and pedestrian convergence areas are secured and managed proficiently.


Safety barriers are pivotal in delineating, directing, and protecting within various contexts, whether on roads, commercial premises, public areas, or industrial sites. They act as a robust defence against unintended or unauthorised access, safeguard pedestrians and assets by mitigating the risks associated with vehicles, machinery, or other potential hazards, and establish clear and safe pathways, ensuring the seamless and secure operation of many environments. In essence, they are crucial elements that aid in preventing accidents, managing traffic, protecting assets, and enhancing overall safety in multiple contexts.

Safety barriers are structures designed to prevent or mitigate unintended movements, safeguarding areas, people, equipment and assets by establishing physical boundaries. These can take various forms, including but not limited to Armco barriers, road barriers, pedestrian barriers, and crash barriers, each tailored to serve specific purposes. Manufactured with durability and resilience, safety barriers can withstand impact, thereby offering tangible protection in various settings such as unsafe areas such as roads, construction sites, and industrial environments, contributing to secure, managed, and orderly operations.

Selecting the apt Armco barrier is contingent upon understanding your environment’s specific requirements and challenges. Begin by assessing factors like the nature of traffic, potential impact forces, desired flow of movement, and spatial constraints. Following this, it’s beneficial to consult with experts, like our seasoned sales team here, to explore options and derive solutions that best address your needs. Engaging in a dialogue with specialists with comprehensive knowledge of barrier applications, design, and installation will ensure that your next safety barrier choice is informed and impeccably suited to your unique context, guaranteeing optimum efficacy and safety.