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Welcome to Armco Barrier Supplies, your prime source for superior Armco barrier posts designed with the utmost integrity for robust impact resistance and delineation across the UK.

With over two decades in the industry, we deliver high-grade barrier posts recognised for their durability and strength and bring you expert insights and steadfast solutions, ensuring your urban or industrial environments are safeguarded.

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About Us

Established in the mid-1990s, Armco Barrier Supplies has transitioned from a general steel fabrication firm to the UK’s leading provider of Armco barriers, with over two decades of industry expertise. Renowned for our transparent and reliable service, we’ve fabricated top-quality, off-highway Armco products for over two decades, previously available only through trade outlets. Now available directly to customers, our UK-made products are not only competitively priced and readily available but also adhere to stringent standards, including fabrication by ‘coded’ welders to BS 4872, alignment with BS 6180, galvanisation to BS 1461, and customisable powder coating.

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What Are Barrier Posts?

Barrier posts, fundamentally pivotal in road safety and perimeter marking, are designed to protect the environment and define boundaries, especially in managing traffic and controlling vehicles. Positioned strategically to prevent accidental vehicular access into pedestrian areas or to safeguard vital infrastructure, these sturdy and durable structures minimise potential impacts, effectively directing errant vehicles and reducing potential damage and harm.

Armco Posts

Armco posts, originating from the widely-recognised Armco Barrier system, are celebrated for their longevity and superior performance in vehicular impact situations. Typically manufactured from the highest standards of high-quality steel, they’re engineered to withstand significant impacts, effectively absorbing and diffusing kinetic energy during vehicular collisions. These posts are utilised not only on roadways but also in various contexts like car parks, industrial sites, and pedestrian areas, offering delineation and protection from vehicular traffic where needed.

Armco Crash Barriers

The Armco crash barrier posts are specifically fashioned to bear vehicular impacts, preventing potential vehicular access into protected zones. Designed to counter vehicular impacts robustly, the Armco crash barrier posts are an indispensable safeguard in areas such as ports and warehouses, curtailing unauthorised vehicle entry into protected zones. Although not subject to the stringent standards of highway barriers, these posts proficiently shield infrastructure and pedestrians in environments characterised by slower-moving, heavy traffic. Their deployment extends across industries from car parks to distribution centres, underscoring their adaptability and integral role in preserving vehicular and pedestrian safety across varied commercial and industrial settings

Z Posts

Z Posts, distinguished by their z-shaped cross-section, afford a notable blend of durability and adaptability in their application. Z Posts adeptly balance performance with economic sensibility, available in two key sizes – 125 x 90 and 100 x 50in – and offering the convenience of both Bolt Down and Dig-in installation options. Predominantly utilised in environments where traffic is lighter or poses a lower risk, they are a pragmatic choice for delineating perimeters and safeguarding areas without requiring substantial investment. Whilst the standard spacing is 3.2m between posts, closer intervals of 1.6m or the addition of handrail extensions may be considered to augment the level of protection, especially in areas where pedestrian interaction is prevalent.

RSJ Posts

RSJ Posts (Rolled Steel Joist Posts), renowned for their robust construction and ability to endure significant impacts, emerge as a premium choice for scenarios demanding the utmost level of protection. Pivotal in safeguarding valuable plant machinery and pedestrians, especially in high-traffic or high-risk zones, RSJ Posts are exemplary in scenarios where the potential for significant impacts is escalated.

With availability in bolt-down and dig-in configurations, they provide a sturdy, reliable barrier that significantly mitigates the risk of damage upon impact. Although 3.2m centres are typical, in scenarios that entail heightened protection – such as proximate pedestrian pathways or adjacent to high-value infrastructure – posts may be positioned at 1.6m intervals and/or be enhanced with handrail extensions to escalate safety and shield against vehicular impacts.

Bolt Down Posts

Armco bolt-down posts provide a versatile and swiftly deployable solution suitable for areas necessitating immediate or temporary protective barriers. Affixed securely using bolts and negating the need for foundational digging, they are especially suited for environments like car parks, warehouses, and internal boundaries. Despite their ease of installation, bolt-down posts furnish a robust and steadfast solution, ensuring they remain resilient upon impact and perform their protective function effectively.

Bolt Down Posts are Built to Last

With their galvanised finish, these steel posts offer unparalleled resistance to corrosion, standing firm even in the most challenging environments. Crafted from galvanised steel, these posts not only extend the lifespan of your barriers but also provide an optimal coating for enhanced crash protection. Furthermore, their robust build ensures minimal maintenance, making them a dependable choice for safety.

Maintaining Safe Boundaries with High-Quality Armco Safety Barriers

When it comes to safeguarding public and private spaces, particularly those frequented by vehicles and pedestrians, ensuring well-defined, resilient boundaries is paramount. Armco Barrier Supplies presents a stellar range of Armco Barrier Posts designed to establish secure perimeters around buildings, regulate traffic, and, most importantly, enhance safety across diverse environments.

Optimal Solutions for Varied Applications

In addressing varied safety and boundary requirements across the country in numerous settings, such as roads, parking lots, and industrial sites, it is imperative to understand the distinctive benefits and applications of different barrier posts. From bolstering pedestrian access safety to effectively managing vehicular traffic, our comprehensive range caters to multiple applications with optimal efficacy.

Ensuring Compliant and Safe Installations

As with any safety apparatus, correct installation is crucial in ensuring Armco Barrier Posts perform optimally during impacts. Here, we delve into recommended installation practices, ensuring they stand steadfast when called upon, thereby fulfilling their role in safeguarding spaces and directing traffic efficiently.

Why Choose Our Armco Barriers?

Rooted in two decades of industry experience, our Armco products don’t just comply with but exceed the highest quality industry standards, ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance even when installed in the most demanding of environments. Our dedication to quality and safety is mirrored in the robustness and resilience of our products, guaranteeing not just perimeter safety but also peace of mind.

Committed to Enhancing Safety Standards UK-Wide

As we continue to forge forward, our commitment remains unwavering in providing high-quality, reliable, and effective safety barriers across the UK, further reinforcing our standing as a trusted partner in the realm of safety barrier provision, maintenance and installations of the Armco post.

Answering Your Questions:

Installing Armco barrier posts involves securing them into the ground, typically through concreting in or bolting them to a solid substrate, ensuring stability and rigidity. The choice between concreting and bolting usually depends on the site’s specific requirements, the application and the type of surface involved.

The height of an Armco barrier should be determined based on the specific application and the type of vehicles it is designed to safeguard against. For applications closer to a roadside, a height of 610mm or 810mm from the ground to the top rail is standard, ensuring optimal protection and deflection while adhering to typical safety standards and guidelines.

The spacing for crash barrier posts can vary, but generally, they are positioned between 1.6 metres and 3.2 metres apart. Exact spacing may depend on a number of factors, like the expected impact force, the utilised barrier system, and the specific safety standards applicable to a given installation or project. Always refer to installation guidelines or consult a specialist to determine precise post spacings for your application.