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Explore our Barrier End Caps, designed to enhance road safety by covering the sharp edges of barrier beams, ensuring vehicle and pedestrian protection.

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What Are Armco Barrier End Caps?

Armco Barrier End Caps are a vital component in the Armco barrier system, designed to enhance both vehicle and pedestrian safety. Made predominantly from sturdy VIS plastic, these end caps are engineered to fit the ends of Armco crash barriers snugly. Their primary function is to cover the sharp edges of the barrier beams, which could be hazardous. By smoothing these edges, the crash barrier end caps significantly mitigate the risk of injury or damage upon impact, thus enhancing safety for all passing traffic.

Importance of Armco End Caps in Safety Measures

Incorporating plastic end caps in the Armco barrier system underscores the commitment to both vehicle and pedestrian safety. These robust and weather-resistant protective end caps ensure longevity and consistent performance in diverse environments. Their presence is crucial in setting up effective safety barriers, particularly in car parks, roads and zones with high vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The visibility and durability of the VIS plastic end cap are noteworthy, making them a superior choice within the Armco barrier system. Their integration into the barrier system signifies a comprehensive approach to safety, aiming to protect both passing vehicles and pedestrians.

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Let’s take a look at some of your most frequently asked questions.

At the external ends of an Armco crash barrier, you will find strong plastic end caps or terminals integral to improve safety of both the system and pedestrians. These crash barrier end caps are powder coated yellow and designed to be highly visible and are made from flexible PVC, capable of withstanding significant impacts. They vary in shapes and sizes, like the High Visibility Armco Beam End Cap (240mm Long), to accommodate different barrier dimensions.

In addition to the standard end caps, there are other Terminal End Options such as Fishtails and Pedestrian Ends. These are available in various finishes including Galvanised, Galvanised and PPC to any RAL colour, and Polymer options, catering to diverse requirements and environments.

The process of installing an Armco barrier starts with site preparation and marking out the barrier line. Steel posts are then driven into the ground at set intervals. The Armco beams are securely attached to these posts and are capped with end caps as a safety measure. A final inspection ensures correct alignment and compliance with safety standards, crucial to improve safety of both vehicles and other passing traffic.

Crash barriers, including those in the Armco range, are predominantly made of high-grade steel, known for its strength, durability, and flexibility. These qualities are vital for absorbing impact forces during a collision. Often galvanised to resist corrosion, the steel extends the barrier’s lifespan. Some barriers may include additional materials or coatings, like high visibility colours or reflective surfaces, to enhance visibility for passing traffic in low-light conditions. These materials are chosen to ensure the barriers provide effective protection while minimising maintenance needs over their operational life.