Armco Barrier Supplies

What Are the Benefits of An Armco Barrier?

The Armco barrier system has many benefits and has been instrumental in diminishing the effects of collisions through the many ways this safety solution can be used.

  • Reduces Impact of Collision

Armco barriers are designed to reduce and limit the impact of a vehicle collision. This is because the barriers are made from British Safety Standard corrugated steel that helps to absorb the energy from the impact.

  • Inexpensive

In comparison with other forms of safety protection, Armco barriers are an inexpensive solution to gaps in health and safety at the workplace whether in the warehouse, in the car park or on the forecourt.

  • Quick to Install

Armco barriers are made up of standard parts that can be customised to suit your circumstances, this means that installation is quick – there is no need to wait for specialist parts to arrive, there are no complex plans or drawings to be considered.

  • Versatile

Armco barriers are a versatile option for protecting people, assets and property against potential harm and damage from a moving vehicle – either accidental or intentional. The barriers are not just limited to roadside protection, they can also be used to protect utility areas such as electricity pylons, car parks, schools, warehouses – wherever there’s a need for collision protection, Armco barriers can be used.

Armco barriers are a strong and stable protection and security feature that can be adapted to any environment. Made with standard manufactured parts, the barrier system that you need can be assembled and installed quickly and efficiently, and it can be customised to suit the environment.