Armco Barrier Supplies

How Armco Barriers Are Protecting The Public

Armco crash barriers can be used to protect an almost endless amount of valuable objects, machinery and buildings, however none more important than protecting the public. Here at Armco Barrier Supplies our barriers are often being used to save the lives of pedestrians across the UK. The strategic placement of Armco crash barriers along the motorway hard shoulder is saving countless lives per year.

Did you know, that Armco crash barriers can be installed almost anywhere? With their multiple height and length options it is almost impossible to find a place where they can’t be installed to protect the public. From adopting the use of crash barriers, Britain is now one of the safest places to travel in the world. The British Government and UK Highway Agency should be praised on the heavy investment made in protective crash barriers and the lives, which are now being saved, because of this.

As well as protecting the public, the investment in crash barriers has also helped reduce the strain on the emergency services. Fewer ambulances and fire trucks are being called out to emergencies, producing massive and much needed savings, which can be invested across other areas.