Armco Barrier Supplies

How Armco Barriers Protect You and Your Business

You may not be aware of what an Armco crash barrier is, but you will have a Eureka moment once it is defined for you: an Armco barrier is the name of the grey safety crash barriers that you see on the central reservation of motorways or lining the track of racing circuits.

The crash barriers are not just relevant for protecting against high-speed impacts from out of control vehicles, they are also the ideal safety solution for protecting against heavy impact too, whether they be HGVs or forklift trucks.

Armco can also be used in off-road circumstances such as protecting gas tanks, garage forecourts, inside industrial warehousing complexes or in car parks. Although crashes in carparks typically are low speed and low impact, the damage that these scrapes can cause can be expensive to repair and so every step should be taken to reduce the damage that can be caused by a collision.

Armco barriers are also used to demarcate an area that is safe for pedestrians; whether you actively use heavy machinery on site or your building is located near a busy road, the barriers protect and provide security for your business and workforce.

The Armco barriers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your business needs, but all provide the same outstanding level of protection for pedestrians, your employees, your premises and even machinery. Your employees, clients and customers that visit your business site will feel safe, which will help your business too.