Armco Barrier Supplies

How Armco Barriers are Made?

Due to the protective nature and lifesaving capabilities of a certified Armco barrier, it is essential that all barriers are manufactured to the highest standards, meeting all build and quality guidelines that ensure the barriers are fit for purpose.

All of the Armco barriers provided by Armco Barrier Supplies are manufactured to industry standards, with all barriers fabricated to BS 4872 standards, and galvanised to BS 1461 standards. This thorough production process ensures that all of the crash barriers that come out of Armco Barrier Supplies are built to the highest standard and capable of enduring the highest levels of stress and impact. Originally invented by the Sheffield Steel Corporation of Kansas USA in 1933, the design of the crash barrier has largely remained the same to date. The one major change being the transition from the originally painted crash barriers to the modern day galvanisation, protecting against rust and corrosion, typically extending life expectancy of the barrier by several years. As we manufacture all of our barriers in-house, we are also able to finish the barriers in a variety of colours to suit our customer’s needs.

The intensive manufacturing process means that our Armco barriers can be used across a multitude of areas. Barriers are not only suitable for road protection, but also carparks, agriculture and building protection.