Armco Barriers in Farming and Agriculture

Despite originally being invented for protecting race drivers and crowds on F1 circuits, Armco barriers have become an essential form of protection across a wide variety of industries. Due to the versatile nature of the Armco barriers, their popularity has increased over the past couple of decades. The ease of installation combined with the ability to tailor length and height make the barriers and attractive form of protection both from and labour and financial perspective.

The versatility of the barriers have made the barriers a success within the farming and agricultural industry. Ideal for segregating life stock as well as protecting heavy and expensive machinery, the relatively low cost barriers are an effective form of protection.

The durability of the barriers also mean that once installed they can last for decades, whilst still remaining effective. The galvanised finish also means that they are less likely to rust and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The extensive manufacturing process and testing that each barrier goes through means that they can withstand vast amounts of pressure from both life stock and machinery. The relatively easy installation process that allows installers to adjust height gives farmers and agricultural workers further opportunity to use the barriers to meet their specific needs.

Armco Barriers supply can also manufacture barriers to specific dimensions, making them an ideal form of protection for both small and large areas. This is essential within the farming industry where there can often be vast areas of land that needs segregating or protecting.

All of the Armco barriers provided by Armco Barrier Supplies are manufactured to industry standard, with all barriers fabricated to BS 4872 standards, and galvanised to BS 1461 standards. This thorough production process ensures that all of the crash barriers to come out of Armco Barrier Supplies are built to the highest standard and capable of enduring the highest levels of stress and impact.

Armco Barrier Supplies can deliver barriers throughout the UK. Despite the ease of installation which may result in many customers opting to install their own barriers, Armco Barrier Supplies also provide and installation service when delivering the barriers and posts.