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Armco Barrier

Armco Barrier Supplies is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of crash barriers and crash barrier posts. We only provide Armco barriers manufactured to the highest quality. Fast delivery is guaranteed to destinations throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and reliability. The quality of our Armco barriers, along with the efficiency and reliability of our service, has enabled Armco Barrier Supplies to become a leading figure in the crash barrier industry.

We’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing Armco crash barriers for over two decades. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can provide you with honest and reliable customer support on Armco Barriers at any stage of your enquiry.

At Armco Barrier Supplies, we’re proud to have built our reputation as being the honest, straightforward and reliable choice for our customers on all things Armco Barrier related. Safety is paramount in the crash barrier industry. This is why we only manufacture barriers to the highest specifications recognised across the industry. Our welders are the best in the business. They’re ‘coded’ operatives who’ve been tested and certified to BS 4872.

If you are looking for a crash barrier company you can trust, look no further than Armco Barrier Supplies.

Crash Barriers

Armco Barrier Supplies have been fabricating Armco safety barriers now for over a decade. Until now we have only ever supplied products to trade outlets. However, thanks to the launch of our new Armco Barrier Supplies website, our wide range of Armco products are now available to order from us directly. This digital evolution allows us to directly extend our superior-quality, trade-esteemed Armco safety barriers out to an expansive clientele, ensuring more sectors can benefit from our proven, reliable safety solutions.

Unparalleled Quality in Armco Crash Barriers

Every Armco barrier crafted in our workshop encapsulates our stringent adherence to the highest manufacturing standards. Constructed from top-tier steel, our corrugated crash barriers are not merely robust but are also distinguished by their longevity, thanks to our meticulous galvanising process that promises roughly 25 years of maintenance-free service. Assuring quality and consistency, our production process complies unwaveringly with BS 6180 industry standards, while our galvanisation and welding processes are certified to meet BS 1461 and BS 4872 standards, respectively, guaranteeing not just physical durability but also adherence to acknowledged safety and quality protocols in the industry.

Armco Barrier Experts

Decades of experience producing high-quality Armco barrier system products have provided us with unrivalled knowledge. The Armco Barrier Supplies team of experts provides customers with professional, friendly advice regarding all crash barriers and protection levels. As well as providing standard-sized crash barriers and posts, we can manufacture bespoke items to suit your specific requirements and needs.

If you have any questions regarding your Armco barrier needs, our team of knowledgeable experts are available to discuss any requirements you may have. Feel free to contact the team if you’d also like help and advice regarding the installation of a crash or barrier system.

Armco Barrier Supplies has an extensive range of Armco barrier products. Here at Armco Barrier Supplies, we offer fast delivery across the UK.

Armco Barrier Posts

In the realm of safety, the efficacy of Armco barriers is significantly amplified with the use of Armco Barrier Posts, which are crucial for maintaining the stability and the structured placement of the barriers. These posts, fabricated with the same high-quality steel and stringent manufacturing standards as our barriers, ensure your protective setup is sturdy and consistently aligned to mitigate potential impacts effectively.

Armco Barrier Posts can be utilised in various environments, including parking lots, highways, and industrial areas, ensuring that barriers are elevated, visible, and structurally sound. Tailored to accommodate various installation scenarios, our posts are available in diverse specifications, further offering the possibility of customised concrete solutions to adhere to your specific site conditions and safety requirements.

Armco Barrier Uses

Safety is the primary purpose of an Armco barrier. They’re designed to offer maximum protection to pedestrians in whatever environment they’re placed in. Their most common use is to segregate traffic and reduce the impact of collisions. You’ll notice them along the majority of motorways and busy roads in the UK.

The popularity of Armco Barriers in other industries has grown as their resilience is recognised as the best form of barrier protection. As well as pedestrians, vehicles and oncoming traffic, they’re used to protect buildings, plant machinery and agricultural equipment from impact. Armco barriers are also ideal for car parks, offering guidance as well as protection.

Our crash barriers come in a variety of sizes, offering varying levels of protection. Different post heights and barrier lengths are available to suit individual requirements. Our wide range of safety barriers is customisable; if necessary, handrails can be added for pedestrian use.

Armco Barrier Supplies will get back to you with a quote within 4 hours.

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    Benefits of an Armco Barriers

    Choosing Armco barrier systems is the best option if your business has a need for such a defence. Of course, other options are available, but Armco front barriers are made to perform the best with regard to safety, longevity and maintenance.


    Armco barriers are designed to absorb the shock of the impact of a car or other vehicle hitting them. They contain the vehicle, stopping it from continuing on its path or turning over. Their rigidity stops a collision in its tracks and stops them from ‘bouncing’ back into a line of traffic. This level of sturdiness can be invaluable not only in situations which protect the safety of the public. Armco barriers can prevent catastrophic damage to buildings, livestock and machinery when strategically placed in many business environments.


    Armco Barrier Supplies ensures all our barriers are manufactured to meet quality guidelines. They’re tested to endure the highest levels of stress and impact. The Galvanised finish ensures their longevity and prevents rust, which might occur with other types of galvanised steel or metal barriers.


    While other materials might erode, Armco barriers stand the test of time without showing signs of age or the risk of losing their integrity. They’re easy to install, so you can put your mind at ease knowing once your bespoke order is fitted, the Armco barrier will serve its purpose without you having to give it a second thought.

    Why Choose Armco Barrier Supplies?

    Armco Barrier Supplies is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of both Armco Crash Barriers and Crash Barrier Posts. The quality of our Armco barrier products along with the efficiency and reliability of our service has enabled Armco Barrier Supplies to become a leading figure in the crash barrier industry.

    We’ve been designing and manufacturing the Armco Crash Barrier system for over two decades. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and reliability plus with our extensive knowledge and expertise we can provide you with an honest and reliable service from initial enquiry to delivery.

    At Armco Barrier Supplies, we’re proud to have built our reputation as being the honest, straightforward and reliable choice for our customers. Safety is paramount in the Armco Crash Barrier industry, which is why we only fabricate all the posts to the highest specifications recognised across the industry. All posts are fabricated in-house by coded welders and are higher specification than imported Armco Post options. In addition to fabricating all our own posts we offer a ‘Bespoke Fabrication Service’ for individual needs and requirements on site, working closely with the customer to develop a cost effective working solution.

    We have built close working relationships over the last 20 years with Steel Stockholders, Galvanisers and Powder Coaters so that we can deliver the best Armco products at the keenest prices with quick turnaround.

    If you are looking for an Armco Crash Barrier company you can trust, look no further than Armco Barrier supplies.